Besides welcoming you to my page, I'd like to introduce you to an interesting lady. Katherine Anne Tucker was born in my imagination a few years ago. As I tried to capture her on paper, she grew and became more real. The day I realized she was her own person, not just a character I'd invented, was the day a friend took me to task over an action I'd written for Kate. The friend, Becky, was right. Kate wouldn't have acted that way.

People have asked if Kate is me. Nope. Kate is herself, but she's who I'd like to grow up to be. She's adventurous and kind. She's caring and tough. She stole all of my skills and daring; then amplified them. The other characters in the books?  Some are bits and pieces of people I know. Most are people I wish were real and that I'd enjoy if they were. No one character represents any one real person. Kate's ex-husband, a total villain, represents all abusive spouses--of either gender.The same with Kate's family and friends. Representatives of the human race, with all hues of goodness and evil.

My wish for you is that you enjoy the pleasure of reading half as much as I've enjoyed the    
pleasure of writing The Finder's Series.

Watch for the latest Kate Tucker book

in the near future.

Kate returns to Maine, seeking to find a person she dislikes. The missing woman is hiding in a place with bad memories. Katherine Anne Tucker is a professional; so she does her job.

Doing her job involves hiding in a linen closet while an armed man searches for her.

Since the woman she's looking for is a bit of a bubble-head, Kate builds a twit-removal kit which includes a bicycle and scuba gear.

No, it gets worse!  Her ex-husband and leading man--in the enemy category--is a major pain in the ....well, you know.  Convincing him to go away and wear his green lacy lingerie doesn't work, nor does a grudge-race on her favorite race track.

She does have some fun, a little romance and a lot of aggravation. If, that is, you, dear reader, consider two ambulance rides aggravation and/or fun.

Available from the usual suspects: Wings E-Press and as well as Barnes and Nobles for those with the Nook E-reader. In ebook formats and trade paperbacks. Kate's at her best, or her worst, depending upon your point-of-view.

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Updated June, 2016

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