H. Susan Shaw                                                                                                         

Readers tell me they think Katherine Anne Tucker and I are one and the same. I wish. I sincerely wish! Kate and I go waaay back; she moved into a room in my brain and whispered stories of adventures we could have. I started to listen. It took me three tries to get her name right, and even more to turn her whispers into a clear voice.

 One thing I have learned; do not listen to Kate while driving. Ever. The adventure she's luring me to write about will interfere with what's really going on outside the windshield. So I've chained her to my desk where we can visit without danger.

Danger to us; not to the bad people in her adventures. In her adventures...well, why not find out for yourself?
Finders Keepers, Losers Dead!, Find And Recover! and Lost and Found! are available at Wings E-Press, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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H. Susan Shaw
Katherine Anne Tucker

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