Kate's back, and dealing with a real mess. She's moved to Bedford County, PA to establish a new life. The beginning of this new life isn't very auspicious. The stalker Kate meant to help her pal catch has graduated from stalking to murdering. 

Katherine Anne Tucker picks herself up, dusts herself off, and decides to help catch the person who's caused so much devastation. As usual, the police wish she'd remember she's a sweet helpless female. We all know how Kate reacts to that fantasy!

As most of us have learned, life goes on. There are people who need her to share their mutual grief. A potential romance, a chance to earn a living, a new home. Why not check in with Kate and see how she's doing?

My wish for you and Kate?  That you enjoy each other as much as I enjoy you, dear reader, and my friendship with Katherine Anne Tucker!

The Books

Kate returns to Maine, seeking to find a person she dislikes. The missing woman is hiding in a place with bad memories. Katherine Anne Tucker is a professional; so she does her job.

Doing her job involves hiding in a linen closet while an armed man searches for her.

Since the woman she's looking for is a bit of a bubble-head, Kate builds a twit-removal kit which includes a bicycle and scuba gear.

No, it gets worse!  Her ex-husband and leading man--in the enemy category--is a major pain in the ....well, you know.  Convincing him to go away and wear his green lacy lingerie doesn't work, nor does a grudge-race on her favorite race track.

She does have some fun, a little romance and a lot of aggravation. If, that is, you, dear reader, consider two ambulance rides aggravation and/or fun.

~ * ~

Available from the usual suspects: Wings E-Press and Amazon.com as well as Barnes and Nobles for those with the Nook E-reader. In E-book formats and trade paperbacks. Kate's at her best, or her worst, depending upon your point-of-view.

The main character, Katherine (Kate) Anne Tucker never believed biology mandated behavior. She drives like a demon, is as stubborn as any mule, and  gives attitude lessons to cats. In this, the first novel of a series, she demonstrates all of those traits. She needs them in order to clear her reputation as an honest woman doing the difficult, and sometimes dangerous, job of repossessing. Kate devotes herself to keeping her foster daughter safe.

There are also some very bad guys, doing very bad things, who need to be confined for the good of society. Just because Kate enjoys what she's doing doesn't detract from her need to do it.