My younger son, Rick, grandson Ben, older son Chet.                                                          Rick                

                     First day of school, hair in a coronet                                              Heavy fabrication work in a plant building
            so it will stay neat. I'm waiting for Pop to give me                                           carbon steel reheaters for atomic
               a ride to school, junior year in high school.                                                       power generating plants.

                              Chet leading a parade                                                                 Ready to go home from work

Vintage Photos

My buddies! Now that the ride is over, let the grooming begin!

At the Malice Domestic writers' conference they had a pretty hat contest. So I made this one.
Marja McGraw and I attended this together and had a good time!

New clothes coming up! I made all of my office clothes, really loved to make suits.

          Three years old, in Mamma's flower garden.                                Sisters three! Helen seated, Angeline and
                                                                                                                me in the back row. I'm in the blue dress.

                    My sons and me. Chet, me and Ricky                                                  Pop's Harley! We put some miles on it!

Ms. Victoria Rabbit with Mischief in her lap.
My sister Helen made her for me.